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One of the world's leading sheet music stockists.

Worldwide Music was established in Great Britain in 1962 and later in the United States in 1974. We serve music educators, professional organizations, schools, conservatories, universities, music libraries, and churches throughout the world. Our service is highly regarded, for, with a very comprehensive and extensive inventory and with professional musicians of high caliber to administer it, we are able to research and supply hard-to-find titles and even items which may no longer be in print. A wide range of all classical recordings - CD & even new LP vinyl, including imports and deletions -are also available, to complement many titles of printed music on this site. We have earned our reputation on the basis of musical knowledge and for our reliable, fast, and friendly service.

Our day-to-day inventory increases regularly according to continuing and well-proven demand; it is selected from catalogues of some four hundred music publishers throughout the world. In addition, we are the exclusive distributor for Anglo-American Music Publishers, which holds copyrights of works by many highly-respected British composers, past and present.

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