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About the Company:

Worldwide Music was established in Great Britain in 1962 and later in the United States in 1974. We serve music educators, professional organizations, schools, conservatories, universities, music libraries, and churches throughout the world. Our service is highly regarded, for, with a very comprehensive and extensive inventory and with professional musicians of high caliber to administer it, we are able to research and supply hard-to-find titles and even items which may no longer be in print. We have earned our reputation on the basis of musical knowledge and for our reliable, fast, and friendly service.

Our day-to-day inventory increases regularly according to continuing and well-proven demand; it is selected from catalogues of some four hundred music publishers throughout the world. In addition, we are the exclusive distributor for Anglo-American Music Publishers, which holds copyrights of works by many highly-respected British composers, past and present.

Contacting Us:


Phone: +1-689-275-3775  Out of the USA or Canada may use WhatsAPP

Customer FAQ:

1. How do I establish an institutional account?

Please contact us and ask for an application form.

2. Why don't you give prices for individual items?

We are very circumspect in adhering to current prices as set by individual publishers: but, with such a diverse, categorized inventory selected from some four hundred publishers across the world, and with publisher prices being "subject to change", not to mention daily volatility in currency exchange rates for different countries, we simply cannot quote for individual items in advance for specific titles. We encourage you to verify prices from publisher catalogs and websites. These are the publishers that we sell from:

Alfred Publishing
Alry Publications
A-R Editions
Associated Board (ABRSM)
Boosey & Hawkes
Breitkopf & Haertel
Boosey & Hawkes
Boston Music
Carus Verlag
Cherry Lane
Chester Music
Church Music Corp.
Classical Vocal Reprints
Dover Publications
Durand & Cie.
European American Music
G. Henle Verlag
Faber Music (UK)
FJH (Faber)
Frederick Harris
Hinshaw Music
Hope Publishing
International Music Co.
Jeffers (handbells)
E.F.Kalmus (orchestra & band)
Kendor Music
Robert King Music
Kjos Music
Hal Leonard
Lorenz / Choristers Guild
Masters Music Publications
Mel Bay
MMB Music
Music Sales
Musica Rara
Musica Russica
Nova Music
Oregon Catholic Press
Orphee Editions
Oxford University Press
Theodore Presser
Shawnee Press
Southern Music Co.
Stainter & Bell
Tecla Editions
Universal Edition
Warner Bros. (includes Kalmus)
Western Music International
York Edition

3. How do you handle different editions?

Please specify if you require a particular edition (and no other) of a standard work and we will do our best to supply it. If you do not specify an edition, we will supply any good edition we have in stock at the time.

4. Are you willing to "drop-ship" my order(s) to another person or ship them directly from the publisher?

Yes, but please give complete and accurate information (preferably typewritten) for both addresses. There is a small additional charge for this service.

5. What if there is a problem with my order?

All of our packages carry insurance, as this is the only way to ensure that you will receive them safely and in good condition. We accept returns only if we have previously authorized them with a Returns Authorization Number - this will be sent to you only in the event that we have made an error or if an item is defective at the point of origin.

Otherwise all sales are final. Once placed, orders may not be cancelled.

6. Do you supply music on approval?

We regret that we cannot supply any merchandise on approval.

7. Can you provide single instrumental parts?

Only in instances when such a separate part is made available by the publisher. This is never the case for instrumental solo music (e.g. violin and piano) or most chamber music, parts or which (and sometimes with score) are sold only in sets. It is sometimes possible to obtain single instrumental parts for non-copyright standard orchestral works.

8. Can you supply music which is known to be only available on rental from publishers?

No. In such a circumstance you must approach the publisher and negotiate directly with them.

With due advance notice being given we do supply rental material listed in the catalogue of Anglo-American Music Publishers.

9. Is there a minimum order per title for octavo choral music (excluding vocal scores)?

Yes, minimum of 10 copies per title, as many publishers will no longer supply us with less.

10. Can I duplicate music by any means, including photocopying?

No, not under any circumstances. It is against the law, and comes under the category of theft - depriving the composer and/or editor of accruing sales royalties, and the publisher of sales. It is an offense to copy, to have copied, or to have in one's possession copies other than those supplied by the publisher. This also holds true for old or out-of-print music, for "old music" (i.e. music by composers no long living) has not only been edited by some specialist - even in Urtext editions, - and "out-of-print" music is still protected by the publisher who has incurred initial production costs, known as "Graphics Rights". In certain cases we can approach a publisher on your behalf and request their stamped "authorized copies" at additional cost. Heavy fines are imposed on any person who knowingly or unknowingly contravenes copyright law, using photocopies for performance, teaching or competitions.

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