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Through an historical approach and with continuing research, our mission is to ensure the safest onward preservation of the very best CLASSICAL MUSIC in all its variety through the centuries, whether for performers, music educators and students, and indeed for all who have a passion for music as an Art and whose lives are enriched by further exploration and discovery of a wider repertoire.

This is of particular importance at this time when it would seem more and more difficult - sometimes impossible - to find a secure source for hard-to-find music remaining in or out of print. We now include a wide range of recordings which in many instances mirror music in print, with the notion that a recording will often be the best advance approach, for whatever reason, before making a decision to make a purchase of a printed score: just as in music in print, where we allow for a choice of available editions (including urtext), if requested, we allow for choice of a particular available recording: otherwise, we are always pleased to offer our recommendation, whether for performance and/or price.

Individual publisher prices change year by year, and with daily fluctuation in foreign currency rates, (are sources are frequently from overseas), so, if requested, we advise prices item by item by return E-mail in advance of specific order instructions or even inquiries: we do try to maintain competitive, we try to maintain stock levels in order to minimize delay, especially for publishers' "print to order" or "special order" titles. We abide strictly by copyright laws and will never knowingly supply product which is copyright restricted in another country: we will consider making a reprint of music only if it (and the edition) is in the public domain.

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